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So we decided to get a YouTube channel to post all of our cosplay tutorials that we plan to  make in the future. Both of us really want to make helpful tutorials for everyone so we can spread our love of cosplay because we’re super passionate about it! We spent sooo long (read: HOURS) trying to film our first intro video because we both messed up numerous times. >_< And we ended up with 30 seconds of decent footage, lol.



We had originally wanted film a haul video about all the cute things we bought while shopping together, but it ended up being too awkward. Lol, we at least have hours of bloopers to laugh over.

This is the best we can do for now, haha, ignore our dorky laughter and nervous gestures. We are both incredibly shy and reserved in real life so talking in front of a camera is difficult for us.

AurumGirls is our Youtube channel name because someone had already taken the name AurumCosplay…lol, we were too late. Oh well.

Anyways, please suscribe to us if you’re at all interested in cosplay, tutorials, makeup reviews, or watching us awkwardly shame ourselves on film. ^_^