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This has probably been the longest summer of my life. I guess if I were still in High School, that would be a good thing. But this summer just keeps dragging on and on! It’s so dreadfully hot. Rose and I both took a little break from crafting after a grueling spring dedicated to cosplay. Cosplay is so much fun, and an incredible creative outlet; but when you fill every single day with it for months it can get exhausting. Although I haven’t been doing much sewing, I’ve filled my free time with lots of other fun things!

All of the Video Games Kitty Played This Summer

I’ve been spending MANY of my days playing video games. I needed some time to catch up to the latest games! (Well, not all of the games I’ve been playing are the latest.) I’ve filled my summer with Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, Ni No Kuni, Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (I know, I know…shame on me for not playing it all the way through right when it was released), Pikmin 3, Super Mario Bros. U, Fire Emblem: Awakening, and LOTS AND LOTS of Animal Crossing!!! (I’ve also been replaying Legend of Zelda OOT, and Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f.) Like I said, I’ve been doing a TON of gaming.

Closeup of Pikmin 3

Kitty's PS Vita with Hatsune Miku Project Diva f

Kitty's 3DS with Animal Crossing New Leaf

I’ve really spent so much time on Animal Crossing this summer. It has been so relaxing. I’ve been a fan of the series since the original U.S. Gamecube release, so I couldn’t miss out on this one. I’ve actually made a bunch of friends through this game as well. So it’s been very pleasant to play.

Kitty's New Leaf Double Rainbow

Kitty and the New Leaf Firework Show

Kitty's Animal Crossing Character in the Rain

Kitty's Animal Crossing Character Paying Off her Public Works Projects

Bruce the Deer Fell Asleep

Please feel free to visit my town! Here’s my dream address! And if you wanna be friends, message me and maybe we can hang out in the world of AC 😀 I’m always looking to make new friends. (lol.)

Kitty's Animal Crossing New Leaf Dream Address

I also had time to read the Divergent book series by Veronica Roth!! I definitely recommend these books. These are in the dystopian society genre, and they’re such quick reads that I finished them both in about a week. These books are full of action, and there’s an adorable romance, too. Better yet, the third book will be released in October and the first movie comes out in March 2014! <3 I’m really excited about this series.

The Divergent Series by Veronica Roth

Oh, and just last week I picked up copies of the new Magical Girl series! Can’t wait to sit down and read them!! Oriko Magica and Kazumi Magica!

Puella Magi Manga

I can’t forget to mention that I got a new tattoo this summer! It’s the Triforce from the legend of Zelda! The Zelda series was a huge part of my childhood, and I’m still in love with it. So this tattoo means a lot to me. It brings back those warm memories of racing home after school to quickly eat a snack and sit with my N64 trying to beat all of those impossible dungeons. It was a lot more difficult as a kid! It’s a nice flow through the game now. (But that damn water temple still kicks my butt.)

Kitty About to get her Triforce Tattoo

Kitty's Finished Triforce Tattoo from the Legend of Zelda

Worst thing to happen to me all summer: had to get my wisdom teeth removed. One of them became impacted and caused a lot of nerve pain. So I finally had to get them taken out. Then, my stitches got infected and well, the story is still going on. All I can say is that it hurts. A lot. But I’m tough so I’ll survive! 😀

Lately I have been working on an Ellie cosplay from The Last of Us. I do plan on uploading some WIP pics and a tutorial video, so keep an eye out! I plan on finishing this cosplay sometime this year. But this one is just for my entertainment.

The Last of Us Ellie

Kitty as Ellie from The Last Of Us

Finished Ellie Shirt from The Last of Us

Even though this summer has been dragging, I still can’t believe it’s nearly over.  It’s been a nice little break. But now I’m already starting to get pumped for the upcoming events in the fall! We have a few plans set for now, and we will definitely post more information later. All I can say now is that I had a great summer, and I’m looking forward to a greater autumn!