Cosplayer: Jerri

Character: Sailor Uranus from Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

Facebook: Minniemoon Cosplay

Tumblr here.

Deviantart here.


Artwork by No Flutter


Why did you pick this character?

As I’ve grown older, I’ve developed a new kind of admiration for Sailors Uranus and Neptune. Uranus in particular is such a strong character, she’s stubborn, brave, and basically too cool for me to be cosplaying her since personality-wise I’m Usagi ^^’


How did you make this costume?

This costume is a total stroke of luck.I had combined materials with a friend due to her costuming hiatus and it happened so that I had almost everything I needed, from patterns to much of the fabric itself. Of course, working with what I had equaled a lot of just kind of pinning things in place until they worked. I am grateful for how many new things I learned- new corset styles, window sleeves, bustles, etc.



How long did it take you to make everything?

I’m not the smartest person so I got really determined and took on this costume in less than a month. It doesn’t seem that bad but factor in work, exams, and extensive Japanese homework…There was a reason why I called this a “Surprise” cosplay- It was a surprise I even got it done.


What is your favorite part of this costume?

The corset- I hate making them but my hard work and frustration with this thing paid off! I had taken a vest pattern and modified it so at first I didn’t know if it was going to work.


Best experience you’ve had in this cosplay?  

One of the best memories in this costume hands down is the Sailor Galaxia I ran into. It was a beautiful moment/mini photoshoot, and ran to her and bowed on one knee and she brought out an extra pair of gauntlets as seen in Sailor Stars with any senshi under her control. It was a brilliant idea on really bringing characters together and led to some funny photos.