Characters: Kaname Madoka (Kitty) and Akemi Homura (Rose) from Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Events: Anime Matsuri 2013

Recognition:  3rd Place (Intermediate Division)

Inspiration: We watched Madoka Magica thinking that it would be a cutesy magical girl anime. Little did we know it would be so dark.  The story and characters pulled us in immediately. We fell in love with Madoka and Homura, and their character designs are amazing! Madoka has the adorable lolita doll look and Homura’s outfit is reminiscent of a school girl uniform with a dark twist. This is one of our favorite animes!

Madoka and Homura Character Designs

See, aren’t they cute?!

Creation: Once again, we made everything. The whole process took about a month; it was hectic and we worked right up until the day before the convention. It was so stressful because somehow both of us fell sick for a week. There were many challenges we both faced for each of our characters and we had to redo some pieces for accuracy.


It took me a full month of working to complete this costume. Everything was handmade/modified by me. My favorite part about this costume was my soul gem. I have been casting resin jewelry for years, so the soul gem was not a challenge for me. It was really relaxing to work on, and I actually made mine in one try. The hardest part of my costume to make was my ridiculous skirt. It took several different tries before I came out with the shape that I wanted. In total, I sewed around 8 skirts before I got it perfect. Madoka’s large bow prop was really fun to make. I just drew out my pattern, cut it out of wood, and sanded for hours. I always enjoy making props. I also casted the gems in her bow out of epoxy resin.


I love Homura; love her look, her personality, her arsenal of weapons. I did not realize how difficult her costume would be–the lines had to be extremely clean and form fitting. I learned lot about tailoring clothing to fit my body while making Homura’s cosplay. Initially, I had difficulty finding the lavender-grey shade I needed for her skirt and collar, so I hand-dyed it (took 7 swatches for me to get the right mixture). The most difficult part of her costume was the seamless legging/boots with diamonds up the side. It took 3-4 hours to cleanly stencil on the diamonds and then I had to stand in my legging/boots for another 4 hours while they dried! I messed up so much on Homura’s shield, but finally got it right with wood, paper clay, and resin to achieve the look I wanted. I figured out how to wire it so it lights up too, yay! I also decided at the very last minute to make Moemura’s (Homura’s nerd form, lol) accessories. It wasn’t difficult to paint some glasses red and make purple hair bows.

We collaborated with CLW Photography, and the rest of the photos were self-shot. Photo edits are by us.