What is Cosplay?

“Cosplay” comes from the words “costume” and “play”. People dress up to take on the identities of their favorite anime, manga, comic, game, movie, or book characters. This often involves elaborate costumes, realistic props, some real crafting talent, and a lack of a social life, haha.

Why do we like Cosplay?

Cosplay is an outlet for all of our creative juices. It might be a strange hobby to some, but it’s perfect for us. Crafting, sewing, molding, casting, cutting, sanding, painting, styling; we love it all! And of course, there’s the chance to pretend that we live more exciting lives when we’re in character.

What type of characters appeal to us?

We are both impossibly girly and vain (sometimes) and tend to gravitate towards anything cute or shiny. We love pretty clothes and are ecstatic when given the chance to dress up and run around with pointy props. So, basically our ideal characters would be cute and feminine with a bad-ass weapons. =)

But we’re not adverse to cross-dressing as boys either–boys can be cute too and often have even cooler weapons! One day…

Here is where you can find all of our cosplay work (and some other random stuff). Feel free to browse around and comment in our galleries. We’d love to read your opinions.