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Yay, I’m back from Otakon! It was really fun! Cinnabunny kept telling me that it was huge and she wasn’t lying. O_O Soooo many people. It was like the largest gathering of nerds ever, hehehe, so glorious!

Yuffie Kisaragi!

I wore Yuffie. =) Kitty was supposed to join me as Kairi from Kingdom Hearts but the convention conflicted with her schedule. ;_; I missed her but I had Cinnabunny to keep me company.

Aurum Cosplay and Cinnabunny!

She cosplayed Aerith from FF7 and Yang from RWBY.

It was a pretty relaxing convention. Honestly, we just wandered around taking photos/cooing over other cosplayers. Aerith and Yuffie were so comfortable to walk around in…super practical and con-friendly. I finally have a cosplay without heels and it was AWESOME.

We went to a Final Fantasy meet up on Saturday morning. Hehehe, FF fans unite!


Check out these cute Moogles! I loved their ‘Save Game’ sign—there was totally a line.


Our friend Miyazaki Fan was there as Onion Knight! She’s perfect! I also met her friend who makes a fantastic Noel Kreiss. I love Noel—his design is like the love child of Squall and Yuna. Pretty pretty boy!


Check out wedding Yuna and Lulu! And the FF7 photoshoot!


I was super stoked to see a few Fire Emblem cosplays. It’s incredibly rare to find anyone cosplaying from Fire Emblem in Texas so I basically accosted EVERY. SINGLE. FIRE EMBLEM. COSPLAYER. Because I’m obsessed.

I met a super sweet Gaius who gave me candy, hehe, so in character! Gaius definitely has a way with the ladies. I would basically marry any of the FE guys and a few of the girls but Gaius is definitely one of my favorites! Pssst, I married him to Sumia in my game. I also bumped into a few Lucinas and one Kjelle. ^_^ They made my day!

Omg, Genderbend Fran!

Ahahaha, I love genderbends! Look, a genderbend Fran! Freaking amazing!

Kuroko no Basket at Otakon!

It’s Seirin’s basketball team! I love Kuroko no Basket! Yeah, Yuffie pimping! I know, I’m so perversely happy in this photo. =D (Note to self: Must cosplay Riko one day so I can boss around my own basketball team!)


I met a lovely Princess Serenity! Her costume looked beautiful—you can’t see it in this selfie but you’ll have to trust me that her dress was amazing.

And some more awesome cosplays below. =)

Yuffie and Cloud!



I was just floored by the accuracy of these costumes. Barrett is reallll! Nui is so cute—this is what she should look like. =) Zack is the same dude I bumped into at Katsucon, so awesome! I’m happy I got to meet him again. And look at that Asuna! She’s so pretty, I’m in love. I can’t imagine anyone more perfect as Asuna.

Esmeralda cosplay!

Esmeralda! Is this real life? O_O She’s so spot on.


Yuurisans! They totally own Elsa and Anna. I wanted a photo with them but I didn’t want to photobomb their beauty. ;_; Next time!

Yukiko from Persona 4!

I met Cake Monster! Yukiko is one of my favorites from Persona 4. She and her sister also cosplayed from The Last Story. I’m sorry my phone photos are so crappy, argh, it really doesn’t do their cosplay justice. So many details!


I’m glad I bumped into our friend Helen again. She’s a cutie. 😉


And we met up with some old friends. Here’s Mineralblu Photography working with Cinnabunny! I also finally got to see Shinrajunkie’s genderbend Jinx in person! He’s super talented. O_o And wow, look at those booty shorts. I’m quite positive they were tighter/shorter than mine. Get it boy!

Lol, I normally dislike huge sweaty cons but Otakon was surprisingly awesome. There were a lot of complaints about the registration line but I arrived late enough to miss all that drama, yay. Honestly, there were a lot of people but there was still plenty of room to walk around in the hallways. Everyone was polite and well behaved too, haha. I’m really digging the cons up north—can’t wait until next year!