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So after A-Kon 2013 this past summer, both of us took a break from cosplay. Four months flew by and BAM—Onicon X hit us.

The first thing we did was hit up the dealer’s room! Kitty bought an adorable giraffe Kigurumi.  It was so cute, I couldn’t resist climbing into it too. =) Unbelievable, we both fit! (This is my favorite pictures of us…EVER!)


Two girls, one Kigu. It doesn’t get better than this. ;P

Then our friend Ruby dropped by! We had been planning a Yuna-Rikku-Paine cosplay collaboration forever. She’s the best Paine I’ve ever seen.  Thanks so much for cosplaying with us, Ruby!


Yuna and Paine cannot get their poses down.  Dorks.


We bumped into a guy dressed as a Blastoise, lmao, I LOVE it. He was so nice! We did a short interview with him.


Look, we found a Zelda!

Okay, so Friday was very uneventful. We spent most of the time in our rooms preparing for the competition on Saturday—that was our absolute first priority! We were there to compete, and each of us tried so hard to perfect the quality of our craftsmanship.

For the competition, we cosplayed as characters from the Atelier video game series. We also collaborated with the amazingly talented and beautiful Heidi from Atelier Heidi! Her work is so deliciously beautiful, lick. <3 <3 <3 I love her attention to detail and perfectionism.

Anyways, all three of us love the Atelier series. Heidi cosplayed Rorona from Atelier Rorona, Kitty and I dressed as Totori and Mimi from Atelier Totori and Atelier Meruru.


These are our characters. Kawaii as fuck, man.


And us!


Heidi’s dress is super amazing. O_O


Together now! Taken by Kinjo Yonemoto, thank you!

ProJared derping!

Our friend ProJared being flamboyant. I cannot unsee. T_T


We’re being judged! It’s always so terrifying…

And on to the competition! There were so many sweet cosplayers that we chatted with while waiting in line. It was great seeing Miss Marquin and Benihime again! ^_^


Here’s an FF13 group! I think I recognized Jannette from Access Cosplay!

Ruby Dragon! Omg, amazing!

Some dude built an awesome Ruby Dragon! Anyone know his page?



And more great cosplayers!



Here we are! Credits to Kinjo Yonemoto.

SEC-C Cosplay and Evil Pastry as judges!

Here are the lovely judges–SEC-C Cosplay and Evil Pastry Studios.

The cosplay contest was run very…efficiently. Almost too efficiently. The stage already had all the musical instruments set up for the next performance. It was a little weird to see the skits being performed with the stage set up like that—the background was not clean, which also intruded on photos being taken.

Also, the awards ceremony at the end was extremely rushed—Best in Show at least deserved to go back on stage and show off their outfits. Instead, trophies were chucked out while everyone loitered around in front of the stage. I suppose they really needed to shoo us out of the auditorium. It cheapened the authenticity of the competition, but I suppose all conventions have time schedules to keep. I just felt like the cosplay competition at Oni-Con was an afterthought, and not a main event.

We won something! Yay!

We won something! Yay! Best Craftsmanship! I’m so happy, we’ve never won a craftsmanship award before and this time we really focused on making sure all our details were correct. We’re not ashamed to flip our hems this time, hehe.


And here are Best in Show winners! FF9, nice! Garnet’s dress was crazy! I’d love to credit these girls. Anyone have links to their FB page? Found them! Teh Princess Cosplay, Kymbawee, and MorningStar Cosplays!


All that hard work and stress paid off! ^_^

The cosplay competition ended at 5PM, but we were so tired from pulling all-nighters that we went back to our room and slept until we had to check out the next morning. Lol, what bums. Next year, we will enjoy all our conventions to the fullest! =P

<3 Rose