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Our experience at Oni-con! This is way overdue.

So Kitty and I almost didn’t go to Oni-con because we couldn’t figure out if it was happening or not. The website wasn’t up until three weeks before the date of the convention and by then we had already postponed our costumes for more pressing life events, haha.

It was a huge headache finishing our costumes and props. But we got it done, all for the sake of seeing Nobuo Uematsu live!

His music was part of my childhood, and when Oni-con couldn’t get their website up, I was really anxious because I couldn’t figure out if he would be going or not. Our attendance was basically dependent on his band being there.

Once it was confirmed, we had about three weeks to get our crap together. Our props took about one full week to finish. And Kitty basically slapped together her costume in the last two weeks, omg. Cannot believe she did such an amazing job in such a short time period!

Anyways, it all worked out and I’m so glad we went. It’s the best convention we’ve attended so far. =D The hotel was great, the concert for Earth Bound Papas was orgasmic, and the con-goers were not jerks—in fact, everyone was so nice and we were really touched. Oh, and the beach was awesome. So convenient that it made a nice backdrop for our Yuna and Rikku cosplays. Yeah, Houston conventions all the way!

We’re in this video that I stalked down. xD The photographer was super nice to help us out with a shoot on the beach! Thank you thank you thank you, if not for you, I would have zero pictures of this convention to post/put in the gallery, haha.


Credits to MyHackrifice

And look, we met another Final Fantasy X cosplay duo! Why hello Lulu and Summoner Yuna. Okay, technically we’re from different games, but whatever.

Thief Rikku and Gunner Yuna with Summoner Yuna and Lulu

They did a great job! Kitty, you look damn hot. =D

On Saturday, we spent a forever waiting in line to enter the cosplay contest. Here’s the sweet lady we chatted with. We saw her again later, and amazingly, if possible, she is much prettier without makeup. So jealous. O_o

Yuna, Rikku, Medusa?

(If that’s you, let us know so we can credit.)

We spoke with the judges as they thoroughly interrogated us and poked every part of our costumes, then snapped some photos with nearby photographers (and I still can’t find any of those photos online–WHY?!).

When the show finally started, Kitty and I had about 3 poses prepared. We practiced them all beforehand but we were both still about to pee in our booty shorts/mini-skirts; stage fright, nooo.

This is the only picture I can find of us onstage strutting our stuff. The poses are good. The lighting is good. The expressions are good. I like! I really wanted to feature that picture on our blog and I e-mailed the guy who took the photo but he hasn’t responded yet, boo. ;_;

Onicon Cosplay Winners for 2012: Yuna and Rikku

There we are! Credits to Michael Shum

After that, we were able to take our seats and watch some amazing cosplay. I really loved the xxxHolic dance skit as well as the Link cosplay. When the judges started announcing awards, we were both chewing our nails with anticipation.


Honorable Mentions? Nope.


3rd place? No.


2nd place? No! ARGHHHH!


Guess what? We won Best in Show! We were both sooo happy when they announced Yuna and Rikku. Initially, we thought we might get an award for our cosplay, but we really didn’t expect to win 1st place—that probably should’ve gone to the Link cosplayer (I heard that she wove together the chain mail herself). The convention would’ve been awesome either way—prize or no prize. We had so much fun!

After that, we did a shoot with the awesome staff from Evil Pastry Studios. Chris, you’re the best. View his gallery here. ^_^

Then we danced our pants off at the rave and went back to our hotel room in a sweaty mess.

Definitely planning to attend Oni-con again next year. If you were there and saw us, comment and let us know who you were.

Onicon 2012 Cosplay with Yuna and Rikku Posing by Palm Trees