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Curious about how Kitty made her gorgeous dress for Madoka’s Cosplay?

Read on! Here’s a great cosplay tutorial with photos of her work in progress. The numbers on the pictures correspond with the steps she took! =)

How to make Madoka's dress part 1!
1. I dyed some fabric to the shade of pink that I wanted using the washing machine.
2. The base of the dress is done! I made the pattern for the top myself using an old shirt.
3. Added some cute puff sleeves just like Madoka’s.
4. The heart in the back was cut out carefully. I used double-sided tape to hold it in shape while I sewed a seam around it.
5. Sewed on some yellow panels trimmed with ribbon and then I added the buttons.
6. Here’s my pile of ribbon. Madoka seriously has about 1,000,000 feet of ribbon under her dress. I hand gathered ALL the ribbon because the ruffle foot I bought didn’t work! >_< Many hours of my life…

How to make Madoka's dress part 2!
7. Here are the 5 layers to my skirt. And in between each layer is some tulle to make the skirt puff out even more, like a marshmallow!
8. The beginnings of my petal skirt. There was no math formula to figure out how many I needed. I cut out one petal as a pattern and tested how many petals would fit around my waist.
9. Using an airbrush, I made a gradient. Pink–>White!
10. I lined the edge of the petals with bias tape. Added some vintage beads in the middle to make the cute design present on each petal.

Since she’s awesome, she made video tutorial for you guys! <3

Still confused? Feel free to comment and she’ll answer all your Madoka cosplay questions.