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I made a video to walk you through this Ellie makeup tutorial! Enjoy!


First of all, Ellie is freaking adorable. I love doing my makeup and transforming myself into a tough little freckled cutie. Let’s get down to business. Here are all of the supplies I used to create her look (and as you can tell, my collection is extremely mismatched):


1. They’re Real Mascara by Benefit  2. Stay All Day Foundation and Concealer by Stila  3. 225S Made for Mocha Eyeshadow by Maybelline (for eyebrows in this case)  4. Baked Bronzer by Urban Decay  5. Dark Brown Brow Pencil by NYC  6. “Cherry Kiss” Lip Liner by Rimmel London  7. Tangerine SLP 846 Lip Liner by NYX  8. Line Express Eyeliner by Maybelline


1. Sephora #75 PRO Angled Contour brush  2. Elf Eyeshadow “C” Brush (For contouring nose and other small details)  3. Clinique Bronzer Blender brush  4. Sephora #40 Pro Flawless Powder brush  5. Tapered Angle Liner brush  6. Brow Grooming brush  7. Mary Kay “Medium” Eyeshadow brush (all purpose eyeshadow brush that I used for my lids)  8. Elf Concealer brush (used for glue on Ellie’s scar in this case)


I also realized later that I forgot to add my most favorite makeup tool into the photos. The Beauty Blender sponge is my favorite way to apply foundation. It gives you a flawless finish. I highly recommend investing in one.

As far as eye shadow goes for this makeup tutorial, I should apologize. I have this humongous palette of eyeshadow that I use for cosplay. It has so many colors, so when I don’t feel like going out to buy colors that I won’t use often, this is my go-to. This was a cheap palette that I bought at Ross ages ago, and there’s not even a brand name on the thing. I mixed two of the colors to get the perfect shade for Ellie’s eye makeup. So the best I can do is show you what colors I used.


Shade #1 is a gold/orange pigment, and shade #2 is a coral color. I blended these two shades to get Ellie’s light orange eyelid color.


I also thought I’d show you what kind of glue I used. I just used Elmer’s washable glue stick. It’s really nothing special–just something I had lying around, and it works perfectly. Just use a tiny brush to apply it to your brow and allow it to dry before covering with concealer.

I really hope this helped! Have fun with your makeup and don’t be afraid to experiment. (: We plan on doing many more makeup tutorials in the near future.

Are there any characters whose makeup you would like to see brought to life? We’re open to suggestions!