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Both Kitty and I have birthdays during the holidays. We weren’t able to meet up to exchange presents so she surprised me with it at Anime Matsuri.

I was hunched over my sewing machine furiously sewing a plugsuit for my Rei Ayanami cosplay and she shyly presented a cute parcel wrapped in pretty fabric. Behold!



Isn’t this just the cutest embroidery piece?! Kitty told me she was inspired by cute Pokemon cross stitch pieces that she came across online, so she made me one to commemorate our time together.


Plusle and Minun, together forever! <3

The stitches are perfect and this piece never fails to make me smile when I walk by and see it sitting on my dresser.


 It also looks super adorable next to the decoden box that she made me last year. (Check out her decoden box tutorial!)

Thank you so much! I love this present!

<3 Rose