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For Katsucon, I decided to make a simple cosplay that would be comfortable to walk around in while I fangirled over people. I heard that this was the con for cosplay, and that really piqued my interest because I love staring at beautifully made costumes.

 Songstress Yuna!

My Katsucon cosplay—songstress Yuna! Easy to hike around in. =)

Due to inclement weather, we almost didn’t make it! In fact, most of our friends who were headed there from Texas had their flights canceled. ;_;

But we were lucky!

So did Katsucon live up to all it’s hype? YOU BET!!!

Cosplay quality here is out of this world! Every two steps I saw another amazing costume. I was snapping photos like crazy and spent most of my time interrogating other cosplayers on how they made their freaking amazing ______.

Let’s check it out shall we?

First up, all the Final Fantasy cosplay!


Awesome Auron!


Because Kitty couldn’t make it, I went with my friend Cinnabunny who made a Lenne cosplay to match my songstress Yuna. Here’s her being crazy with a scythe from RWBY.


Amazing Cloud from Kingdom Hearts!


Gabranth from FFXII. I’ve never seen this and he was soooo amazing I spazzed like crazy. Wanted to touch so badly.


Ohhhh, handsome Zack Fair! Outfit and prop were both impeccable.


What a badass Paine! She was so fierce and her costume was well crafted.


The cutest Madoka Magica group. They’re all so adorable. <3


Fuu from Rayearth! I loved Rayearth when I was young and this girl did everything right.


Evangelion! WOW, what an amazing EVA! Asuka’s very pretty as well.


I normally don’t care about Shingeki no Kyojin cosplay because it’s ubiquitous but this boyfriend-girlfriend duo was perfection! Levi and Erwin—they have the height difference! Looking so hot together! *heavy breathing*


Hnnnnnng. They made my yaoi dreams come true. I died on the spot.

Frozen cosplay was everywhere at this convention. So many gorgeous Elsas and Annas running around, but none beat the two below. (Argh, I really need to watch it!)


These two cuties! They’re very well known—Yuurisans Cosplay!


This is a great Elsa too!


Ran into a gorgeous Neo Queen Serenity. I had the shock of my life when I found out this was a man because he’s very pretty and soooo feminine. It puts me to shame. >_< This costume is so beautifully made…bodice was hand beaded. He does bridal so that explains everything! Check out his FB here. Beautiful WIP photos on his page, go like him now. I’m a fan, can you tell?!


And here he is again. Again, what a beautifully made costume!


Here’s some great armor work. Love the sculpted dragon!


My friend Cinnabunny busking at Katsucon with Siegfried Cosplay playing the trumpet.


While she was playing, I managed to bump into a really amazing Tidus who goes by Kynessent! I shamelessly pawed all over her. <3 I’ve actually never seen a Tidus in Texas and this is the first one I’ve come across. So well done–made me very happy. ^_^


Sexy Ryoko from Tenchi Muyo. I rarely see any Tenchi cosplay and I really liked that anime when I was young. She’s sooo purdy. *_*


Another beautiful cosplay. Where is this from?! She embroidered all the gold designs. O_O I can’t imagine how many hours went into this. Beautiful girl too.

And then I was somehow lucky enough to bump into some cosplay celebrities!


I accosted poor Kamui Cosplay and forced myself into a photo with her.


Ahahaha, stalked her again later on. Look at the beautiful armor. I’m so in love with her work.


A PICTURE WITH YAYA HAN! She walked by and she wasn’t in costume and she’s so cute and tiny, omg.

Okay, so after that I had pretty much orgasmed and gone to cosplay heaven! It was getting late on Saturday night and most people had changed to go to the rave, but there were still some gems out there.


I’m not sure what this is from, but the effect was awesome! The most realistic flame effect I’ve seen.


And then we hung out with an awesome Chrono Trigger group! The best Ayla, Robo and Chrono I’ve ever seen. Is this the Twister Triple Tech? Look at that Rainbow Sword! I’m so impressed by this. Thanks for bringing my childhood to life!


Hung out with a super cute Summoner Yuna. Minniemoon—she’s so cute.

After that, we derped hard.


Goofy Yuna and Rikku.


Mexican stand off.


Yuna gives into her inner demons. Hehehe, sorry.

Overall, Katsucon was an amazing and eye-opening experience. I can’t wait to come back next year armed with an amazing costume! I learned a lot and met plenty of nice people. =)

Kitty couldn’t join me for this convention due to her schedule, but next year I am definitely dragging her there because she needs to see it. It’s really inspired me to upgrade the quality of my work. ^_^

Since Katsucon started on Valentine’s day, I’ll leave you guys with this:


Bye bye! We love you!