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So Kitty and I, being the sedentary fatties we are, love to eat. Any time we hang out, food is involved. It’s our go-to plan because we really don’t do anything else exciting. xD

One of our favorite places is H-Mart! I’m a bit obsessed with katsudon and Korean fried chicken that I order them every time we stop there. Kitty loves the accessories shop inside H-Mart where they sell plushies and everything cute—I don’t think she bought anything this time.

Kitty eating Korean food at Hmart

Eating our nom noms.

Rose with her food at Hmart

Feeding Kitty.

Then we walked around while digesting and creepily caressed some fruit before purchasing.

Rose From Aurum Cosplay at Hmart

So small! So cute!

Kitty being cute and winking with an apple

Kitty and the lucky apple she picked.

We noticed a new café around the corner. They recently had a grand opening and we were finally able to check them out. It was shame that we had already eaten because they looked like they had some great waffles and brunch selections. Maybe next time!

We both enjoy being highly caffeinated at all hours of the day so we ended up getting coffee and chilling for a bit.

Rose drinking coffee

Coffee is my zen.

Rose stand by quirky wall art

I loved the quirky decorations there.

Kitty from Aurum Cosplay reading a book

And the random books, lol. Learn anything, Kitty?

 Kitty and Rose from Aurum Cosplay BFF

Damn Kitty, why so pretty?! <3

I think I need to stop posting about food and finally post about cosplay. >_< We’ll get to that, I promise.