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Want to cosplay Gunner Yuna at the next convention? This is how much mine cost to make.

This is the first cosplay that I created with my own two hands—prior to this, I had no sewing or prop making experience (Kitty did the sewing for our Plusle and Minun costumes; I contributed by cutting fabric, lol). Needless to say, it has a very special place in my heart.

Kitty and I are both very attentive to detail and we knew we didn’t want to half-ass it. We were both adamant that our cosplay be as accurate as possible. After estimating how much it would cost, we tracked all our spending in a spreadsheet. Our forecasts were pretty close to the actual costs.

Check it out.

Yuna Cost Spreadsheet by Aurum Cosplay

Click to enlarge and save. Aren’t we considerate? xD

The bulk of the money I spent went to materials. As I said, Kitty and I are extremely picky about materials and craftsmanship. If given the perfect fabric and a cheaper alternative, we’ll likely go with the “perfect” one, even if the cost is three times the price of the cheaper one.

Neither of us had power tools either, so the cost of the jigsaw is written into my spreadsheet. We also had to buy sanders, belt punches, etc. If you already have those at your disposal, then making your own Yuna Gunner cosplay will be even cheaper. =D

And the final result? Something like this. Forgive the derpy expression on my face.

Rose from Aurum Cosplay Dressed as Yuna from Final Fantasy X2

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