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As Rose mentioned before, we are both very particular when it comes to making our costumes. We are very attentive to detail. If you were a bystander listening in on one of our conversations regarding cosplay and methods/materials, you’d probably get a headache by the time we came to our resolution.

That being said, we saved you the bother of our talks and just summarized materials and cost for you all. This is the Rikku spreadsheet that gives the approximate cost of all the materials we used. For anyone looking to do a Rikku cosplay, I really hope this helps you and inspires you!

Rikku Cosplay Cost Breakdown


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 I bought all of the materials for this cosplay about three months ahead of time. But I didn’t start crafting anything until about 2-3 weeks before the convention. I don’t remember that much about my life during those long weeks; I was living and breathing cosplay. I just remember staring intently at a lot of fabric/vinyl/wood until the costume was finished. Then, POOF!, we were at the convention in Galveston. That’s when it all paid off.

The completed costume:

Final Fantasy X-2 Theif Rikku Cosplay

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I love cosplay so much. I can’t wait to start the next one! We’ll keep you posted and hopefully we’ll have full tutorials to share!