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Today I’ll be explaining how I made my gunblade for my FF8 genderbend Squall cosplay. I personally love gunblades, however useless and impractical they are. For my Squall cosplay, I actually picked the Dissidia character design/gunblade because I like how updated that version looks.

Let’s jump right into it!

(If you dislike reading, you can just watch the video below, lol.)


Here’s a list of materials you’ll need to make a gunblade:

  • Jig Saw
  • Scroll Saw: Helpful but not absolutely necessary
  • Mouse sander or sanding blocks
  • Wood: MDF wood, thin pieces of craft wood
  • Wood dowels in various widths
  • Wood filler
  • Sandpaper: 80 – 500 grit
  • Spray paint: primer, black and silver
  • Screws, eye bolt, chain
  • Resin
  • Pringles can, craft foam, styrene
  • PVC pipe
  • Plaster
  • Graphite paper, black acrylic paint, and a thin paint brush


Gunblade Template

I sketched the base of my gunblade onto a piece of MDF wood and cut out my template with a jig saw.

Gunblade Prop Pieces

I also drew out the other pieces I needed and cut them out from craft wood. These were done using a jig saw and a scroll saw was used for the complex curves.

Pieces shown: Handles, trigger, hammer, barrel frames.

Gunblade Tutorial: Barrel Frame

I layered the frames of the barrel and secured them together with wood glue.


Top Left: Here you can see that I’ve roughly sanded all of my pieces and they’re ready to be assembled. Glue them together with wood glue. Then fill in your join lines with wood filler.

Top Right: The result of all my sanding. It’s starting to look like an actual gunblade! I worked my way up from 80 grit sand paper and finished at around 320 grit. (Then I primed my piece fine sanded with 500 grit.)

Bottom Left: This will be the barrel of the gunblade. I used a Pringles can; idea courtesy of Sketch McDraw. It’s backed with craft foam and styrene.

Bottom Right: PVC pipes were used to make the bullet chambers. Then I filled in all the gaps with plaster. Sanded, primed and painted this piece. It was sliced in half and glued to the barrel frame after I finished the body of my gunblade…


Top: Gunblade primed!

Middle: I masked off the handle and the blade separately and spray painted each part the appropriate color. Don’t top coat the silver! It will dull the finish. ;_; (I’ve suffered and learned.)

Bottom: For the Griever Emblem, I drew out a template and transferred it onto each side with graphite paper. It was hand painted using a thin brush and black acrylic paint. Also, this isn’t shown, but the last thing I did was attach a Griever charm made from resin using an eyebolt and chain.

Ta-da! *snuggles gunblade* I love you. (I love Squall.)


I hope you enjoyed this gunblade tutorial. Bye bye! =)