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I’ve been super busy with personal things going on for the last few months, and I’m finally getting back into the swing of things with my crafting! This is something that I did in my free time recently, and I thought I would share it. Any of my close friends probably know that I really like spray painting random stuff. You can take a super dull item and change it into something you adore by giving it a personal touch. I get so much satisfaction out of the transformation process, and finally seeing a finished product.

About a year ago, I was thrift-shopping with my mom and found two cheap cigar boxes for about 50 cents each. Amazing! I couldn’t pass them up. (I think I have a box fetish; it pleases me to organize tiny things in adorable boxes…) I decided that it would be really fun and cost-effective to upcycle one ¬†of these boxes!



zelda-box-8 I have no idea where this thing has been, and I don’t want to imagine it. I’m giving it a new life!

I’ve been looking for some way to organize my daily makeup products. I remembered that I had these boxes and started using one of them to throw my things in. It just looked so plain on my bathroom counter, I wanted to give it some magic. I was going to do a plain color, but the nerd in me giddily screamed at the idea of adding a touch of The Legend of Zelda to it. (Call me weird, but this video game was my biggest childhood obsession. I love it and always will.) So my plan was to stencil on the triforce and achieve the dream of my sparkly new makeup box!

First thing’s first: it needed a good sanding before I could add any paint to it.


I started with a very coarse sandpaper and worked my way to a finer grain. I roughed it up by hand with the P60.



Then I used my orbital palm sander to take care of the grunt work. It makes the process much easier when you have the right tools! P120.


The rest I did by hand. P150.


I skipped to a really fine grain (P1000) and dry-sanded with it because I wasn’t worried about this project being perfect. I’m sure that it’s better to work through a few coarser grains of sandpaper. This was also super cheap wood. I think it’s some sort of balsa (but a cheaper version) but I don’t know the proper name for it.



Looking much better after that sanding job! Almost ready for paint!


I used painter’s tape to cover up the hinges. Normally I would unscrew everything and paint the separate pieces, but this was cheaply made. The hinges are basically stapled in with tiny little nails. Taping them off will do just fine!


Use an exacto or box knife for precise cutting, but be careful! Somebody could lose an eye with that thing!


I recommend always using a primer! I used a filler primer since the wood was very porous and had small imperfections. 1-2 coats will do fine; I did 2 coats.


Sorry for the super bright photo. I took these at different times of the day and it just came out way too bright. Anyways, this is Krylon in the color Gum Drop. I sprayed on 3 coats of this to ensure that it was even.


Krylon in Peekaboo Blue…get it? Yeah, I’m a dork! Ha! One coat of this did the trick for me!


The paint is cured; now it’s time for my stencil!


I found an image of the triforce and scaled it to the size I wanted using photoshop. Then I used my exacto knife and cut out all of the pieces. This is not an awesome way of doing a stencil, I will admit. I used the materials that I had available at home. I didn’t want to invest any money into this inexpensive project.


This method was done very quickly to ensure nothing stuck. I can’t say for sure that this would work for everyone, but I wanted to share my process at the very least. I arranged everything the way I wanted and, piece-by-piece, used an Elmer’s brand spray adhesive to secure everything. I didn’t even really give the glue time to dry before I painted. I wasn’t trying to secure the stencils permanently.


I sprayed on one coat of the Peekaboo Blue spray paint, let it dry for about five minutes, and peeled the stencils off promptly. This is what I came out with! Still not perfect, but I love it.


What a beautiful touch of Hyrule that it adds to my counter! <3 I used a metallic gold pen to add details where I wanted them, and finished it off with a clear topcoat.



As you can see, I’m not a professional painter. That doesn’t matter, because I had so much fun with this project. And I now have a beautiful place to store all of my makeup!


I hope you enjoyed this and are inspired to customize your world around you, too!