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New circle lenses, yay! I’ll be reviewing Super Pinky Red circle lenses today. These will also feature in an upcoming cosplay, hehe. ^_^


Super Pinky Red Information:

Usage:  One Year Disposable

Base Curve:  8.6 mm

DIA:  14.8 mm

Water content:  45%



Photo taken during daylight.

Again, these are only meant for cosplay. These eyes would definitely scare anyone in real life, lol. They are completely unnatural, but that’s the point. =) The Super Pinky brand is known for enlargement, and these are no exception—they are absolutely huge. You MUST wear makeup with lenses this large, or it tends to overpower your whole face and make you look like an alien. Anyways, these are great lenses to complement any costume.

Rating for Super Pinky Red:

Comfort: 5/5

Enlargement: 5/5

Color/Vibrancy: 5/5