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Here’s a review on Neo Glamour Gray! I got these awhile back because I wanted a vibrant gray color that would stand out on my black eyes. Most gray lenses turn a pale blue on me and make me look like I have Waardenburg syndrome.

Neo Glamour Gray Information:

Usage:  One Year Disposable

Base Curve:  8.6 mm

DIA:  14.2 mm

Water content:  45%


I really like these lenses! =) They are super thin and comfortable to wear. These don’t enlarge much, which is actually a good thing; I’m pretty sick of circle lenses that make me look crazy, haha. Despite the fact that anyone can tell these aren’t what my eyes normally look like due to me being Asian, lol, I think they look quite natural. Actually, these would blend well with any eye color due to the brown inner ring.


Rating for Neo Glamour Gray:

Comfort: 5/5

Enlargement: 3/5

Color/Vibrancy: 4/5