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So Kitty took me on a date a while back on my birthday. xD She treated me to some super delicious food at a restaurant in the Bishop Arts District. I gorged myself on red velvet pancakes—sadly no pictures because we were too busy shoving food in our mouths to care. It was sooo yummy, thanks Kitty! ^_^

After, we sauntered around in the Bishop Arts District and came across this:

Flamboyant Merman Figurine

!!! I cannot express how much I love this, lol. The glittery tail!

Playing with Flamboyant Merman on Rose's Birthday

And there were many, many more flamboyant merman! I wanted to take them all home with me, lol. Okay, so we spent way too long in that store playing with sparkly merman.

We also went to a bunch of overpriced boutiques selling vintage clothing but neither of us bought anything because we’re saving all our money for cosplay. Sad that our hobby is so expensive.

Anyways, the real point of this post is to show you the adorable decoden box that Kitty made me for my birthday!

Rose's Birthday Present from Kitty

I LOVE the floral lining! It’s so pretty!

Isn’t she talented?!  It’s sitting on my dresser. She said it was a jewelry box, but I already have a ton of those so I’ve decided to use it to store my favorite nail polishes. I love it!

She’ll be writing about how she made it and posting it to the Tutorials section of our blog. Watch for it!

Update: And here it is! Decoden Box Tutorial if you want to make your own.