Who are you?

We go by Kitty and Rose. We’re best friends who love to cosplay together.

When did you start cosplaying? What got you into it?

Our first official anime convention and cosplay was in June of 2012. We have both been avid artists and crafters over the years but it wasn’t until recently that we found our passion for cosplay. Our first costumes were gijinka versions of Plusle and Minun from Pokémon. We entered our very first competition at Akon 2012 on a whim, and out of the 100+ people competing, we unexpectedly won a judge’s award for our work. From that moment on we were hooked.

Why do you love cosplay so much?

We love anime, manga, video games, art, crafting, fashion, makeup, etc. Cosplay mixes ALL of our girly, nerdy, and artistic interests together and that’s why we love it! And it’s so fun to step out of our own lives and be a different person for a day. It’s also refreshing to interact and learn from others who like cosplaying too.

Do you make your own costumes?

In most cases, we do. Probably 90% of everything we are photographed wearing is made or altered by us. If not, it will be explicitly stated and credit will be give to those who have helped us. But generally, we sew everything, create our own jewelry and accessories, and make our own props too. We have a wide collection of self-taught skills, and we research and learn the skills we lack. It helps that we’re both perfectionists and obsessed with detail.

Do you two have professional costume or design experience?

No, we are self-taught. Most things are experimentation, but we’re both perfectionists and we’ll work at something until we’re satisfied with the results.

Ideally, we’d love to be industry professionals one day—it’s our dream to work on movie sets or design costumes for a living.

Do you take commissions?

This really depends. We love making things for people and developing our skills, but we’re very busy. Feel free to contact us with details of the project or item you’d like us to complete and we’ll chat from there.

Will you sell me your _________ costume? Please?

We spend A LOT of time and money on our costumes, not to mention all the effort and love that goes into making them. It’s heartbreaking to part with them and not really worth it for us.

That being said, if you REALLY want it, name your price. We’ll either accept it or reject it. We don’t like to waste time negotiating for costumes we love.

What are all of your skills?

We have done a little bit of everything. And if we haven’t learned it yet, we will one day. Our skills include:

  • Sewing and designing
  • Makeup artistry
  • Wig styling
  • Painting
  • Drawing and sketching
  • Wood working
  • Resin casting
  • Pattern design
  • Clay molding
  • Modeling
  • Fabric dying
  • Amateur photography
  • Photoshop and graphic design
  • Web design


What are your real names?

There are some things we’d like to keep private.

What camera do you use?

We own both a Canon Rebel T3. Between the two of us, we also have various camera lenses.

Who takes your photos?

In most cases, the photos on our website are taken by two of us. If we’re in the photo together, it means we’ve roped a friend into playing photographer for a day. Photos of us that aren’t ours are credited to the nice photographers who have given us permission to use them.

Can I use your photos or graphics on my website, artwork, project, etc?

Please ask us for permission if you intend to post, share, or modify our photos or graphics in any way. We want to make sure our pictures don’t end up anywhere we wouldn’t want them to be.

If we give you permission, please credit us and link back.

What photo editing programs do you use?

Adobe Photoshop is the best! We touch up the lighting, add some effects, get rid of pimples, etc.

What are your natural hair and eye colors?

We both have brown eyes. Kitty has natural blonde hair (although she dyes it brown), and Rose has black hair (for now).

How about photo shoots?

If we’re at a convention, feel free to snap as many photos of us as you want. As for working with certain photographers at conventions, just ask us. We’re shy, but friendly.

What conventions are you guys going to next?

We’re planning to attend some big conventions in Texas like Akon. We do visit smaller conventions too. Stalk our blog or Facebook and find out where we’ll be next!

How can I contact you two?

We have a joint e-mail account that we check. KittyXRose@AurumCosplay.com (We’ve recently been getting a lot of spam so we unfortunately miss some emails. Messaging us on our Facebook page is probably more reliable.)

Why haven’t you answered my e-mails?

We’re sorry! We try our best to answer all our e-mails as soon as possible. Unfortunately, life gets in the way sometimes. Feel free to e-mail us again if you don’t hear from us in two weeks.