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Lots of things exciting things have been happening lately! Kitty and I have both been really busy making some life changes. It might be the last time we cosplay for a while—life priorities, man. School, jobs, friends and relationships to juggle.

Anyways, I’m probably moving to the East Coast, permanently. Hehehe, which is why I decided to attend Anime USA and scope out the local convention scene. Plus I’ll need to make new friends once I move too! Even if I don’t have time to cosplay, I’d still like to be involved and hang out with other nerds.

Good bye, Texas, I’ll really miss you! <3

My good friend Cinnabunny had mentioned AUSA to me a few times, recounting how fun it was. Luckily it coincided with my visit to MD and it was a good opportunity to finish a few costumes I was procrastinating on.

A few months ago, I got sucked into idol anime hell and Love Live became an obsession. (╥﹏╥)!!! It was totally unexpected. I was browsing Crunchyroll one day during dinner and watched the first episode, mesmerized. ALL THE CUTE GIRRRLS! Blindsided by the all da kawaiiiii. Welp, I ended up marathoning both seasons in one weekend.

My favorite girl is Sonoda Umi—I’m deeply in love with her, fufufu. ♥‿♥ She’s my perfect girl. Very much my type—modest, shy, diligent, and responsible. I relate to her and I really aspire to be like her! Even her neuroticism is adorable to me.


Look at how cute she is. I have to be her!

I started on her outfits as soon as I finished watching the anime but as usual, life interruptions delayed everything. Well, by the time I finally gathered all the materials, AUSA crept up on me, leaving about 1.5 weeks to craft my cosplays.

No sleep, living on caffeine, beast mode sewing—it’s not cosplay unless I’m suffering. Sometimes I wonder if cosplayers are sane. I mean, we spend our time trying to emulate fictional characters. Often, we put more effort into it than anything else we pursue. It even hurts me emotionally when I mess up on my props or create ugly costumes. Argh, I JUST CARE A LOT, OKAY?!

Anyways, emotional pain aside, this was the result!


Wonderful Rush Umi!

I think this is one of the cutest stage outfits. I also would like to make her swimsuit from Mermaid Festa, but that’ll have to wait until summer.  (Or until I get the motivation to work out…)


 Oh, and school girl Umi.

Winter (not shown) and summer outfits! These were basically closet cosplays. Vest, blazer, oxford shirt was purchased. The bow was commissioned from SparklePipsi, who is a fantastic Love Live cosplayer! I also bought the fabric she designed and quickly sewed up a pleated skirt to go with my school uniform. SparklePipsi has a tutorial here!

Okay, so I get to AUSA and I’m a bit nervous about being alone because I’ve always gone to conventions with either Kitty or Cinnabunny. Ruby, AKA Cinnabunny, is the most personable woman ever so I usually leech off her sparkly aura. And circle her friends like a vulture, quickly choosing the weakest one to prey on and befriend, muahahaha. “ψ(`∇´)ψ

But this time, I was like: Wait, do I actually have to introduce myself to people? How to approach alone?! Please don’t run away, please don’t run away.

Luckily, I met bumped into Mei Cosplei, who I met also through Cinnabunny a long time ago, hahaha. We hung out and derped around with her friend Karis. She looked so sexy as Kitty Katarina! I just want to pet her inappropriately.  (≧σ≦)


No pets? Not even kitty Katarina?


We walked around in the garden together and I saw Yashafluff. Super excited to see her, I kinda just flounced over and gushed over how much I liked her Gou. And she liked my Umi, yes! And then this Sousuke ambles over and he turns out to be GQBravo, a photographer whose style I really admire. And then the hottest Rin, like straight out of my yaoi fantasies, also appears. It was Luvnatsu, FML, I don’t have a photo with Rin, whyyy.

I hung around like a creeper so I could get a peek of their SouRin photoshoot.  Sousuke x Rin! <3

After recovering from the onslaught of their pheromones, I regained some composure and caught a photo with Tommyish Cosplay and Photography! And met her pretty friend who was cosplaying as Asuka!


Evangelion babes, yay!


Wow, it’s Byndo Gehk. We saw her from far away and commented about how it was a fantastic interpretation of toothless before Karis realized it was Byndo. Look at Karis and I being all awkward/fangirly and Mei is just BAM! So sexy, on par with Byndo.


Met a few new friendly photographers too. Defaulting to some happy poses but I think he wanted something sexy. I don’t do sexy. *stares awkwardly at his crotch until he leaves* Jk, he was actually a really nice guy. ^_^


Helen, aka Petit Clover, came to see me! She wasn’t sure if she would make it but I’m glad she did. And…she also brought her cute friends along. Wow, they are so adorable! Here I am trapping them with my long yaoi arms, hahaha. (They’re girls, but so cute as boys!)

Confession time: Helen’s friends were so cute that I just HAD to pose a “cosplay photographer”–a thinly veiled plot to get sexy homo photos of them, muahahaha.


I can’t figure out the settings on my camera. Shhh…


Omg, I’m a horrible person! Tricked these cuties into doing yaoi poses for my gratification. (T▽T)

And then Helen comes up to me and whispers in my ear: Btw, they’re 14. *Insert her evil chuckle* “ψ(`∇´)ψ

Me: …NO! *freaks out about jail bait but rationalizes that it’s okay to look…and take photos*

Helen: And…they’re also sisters! (。・`ω´・。)

Me: …I’m so going to H*LL.

*Cough* Moving on….

I decided to creep on my friend MinnieMoon Cosplay instead! Jerri made a beautiful cosplay of No Flutter’s Sailor Uranus! Hehehe, continuing my charade as a cosplay photographer, she let me snap some photos of her too! Actually, I ended up being really motivated to edit her photos so you can check out the resulting gallery here!


Seriously fangirling hard when I saw her.

Then I returned to Helen and cute-yaoi-minions only to be graced by this scene of crack.


What the heck, lol.

Anyways, the rest of the convention went by extremely quickly! I snapped photos with everyone I recognized.


Selfies with all the cosplayers I have crushes on! (Of course they’re all girls…)

And I wandered into a Love Live meetup purely by chance. I had no idea it was even happening until poof, there I was, surrounded by idol girls! It really must have been fate. =)


Got dragged into a few fun photo shoots as well, lol.

Oh, and of course I had to get some photos with the J. Hart Design! He was a guest there at AUSA, and probably the sole reason I shelled out $50 for a badge—I only cared about seeing his panels, so much admiration for his work.


He held three panels, and I was able to attend two of them. They were both incredibly useful and contained a wealth of information! The thing I love about him is that he doesn’t hold back any information and seems genuinely happy to help people. He’ll answer all your questions thoroughly without hesitation! A lot of cosplayers seem reluctant to give out their secrets, afraid that others will surpass them. My personal opinion is that sharing is caring. ^_^ (And if you really strive to be the best, why so scared that others will beat you? =P Rivals are fun, right?!)

On Sunday, I was able to attend a Love Live shoot, courtesy of GQBravo. He is an amazing photographer and I’m so honored that he even wanted me there. The whole time I was like, why am I here? I’m going to ruin all the photos with my awkwarrrrd.

Observe: Here he is moving an ill placed bench with superhuman strength.


Those photographer arms!

 Anyways, Danisaurz saved me with an impromptu lesson on how to be kawaii, lol. Emulated her pose but it just looks like I’m happily punching myself in the face.


I’ll try harder next time!

Here are all the love live girls being herded around by our photographer and studying up on poses.


Being a school idol is serious business!

Two shoots going on! Eli x Nozomi up top! Maki x Nico x chaperone Umi at the bottom.


(Seriously, why am I even in the shoot? I’m sorry!)


Eli and Nozomi ready to pounce on us. Protect the boobs from Nozomi!


And this funny capture where Luvnatsu and I were ordered by GQBravo to talk casually so the photos would be more natural. I noticed right away that we’re both introverted and started internally panicking. TALK? You want us to TALK CASUALLY? Some may say we’re taciturn. I call it an awkward vortex where we both just stare out into space and fidget trying to think of something to say. Also, I’m kinda homo for her as well, so that made it infinitely more awkward.

Please, whatever deity is up there, bless me with conversation skills one day.



And that time I was actually useful! I held a reflector screen to help with the Maki x Nico shoot! GQBravo gave me a ton of photography tips as well, fufufu. Under his tutelage, I too shall become a famous cosplay photographer. Or execute a thinly veiled plot to interact with more cuties.


Cuties come to me. Yes, so cute.


Lol, the logistics of a real shoot! It’s a team effort. We have Models, Cape Flipper, Hair Flipper, Screen Holder, Photographer, and Photographer’s Photographer (meeee).

AUSA over! I had a great time despite my initial reservations. It was a perfect and relaxing experience! I’ll definitely go back again next year if I’m still living near MD.


Umi approves! Bye bye! (✿◠‿◠)