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So Kitty and I went to Anime Matsuri this year and here’s a review on our experience there. =)

We didn’t check into our hotel in 1PM on Friday because we were all super tired from the night before. Kitty and I were both rushing to finish up some details on our costumes—her arrow was limp, lol, and I had to spray paint some glasses red and make Moemura’s hair bows.

Anime Matsuri 2013 hotel lobby

Lots of people already, yay! The hotel hallways were actually really cramped. I didn’t like how hard it was to get around. Any time someone was stopped for a photo, traffic stopped too. Later, we also contributed to the problem…I don’t think this hotel was set up for a convention of this size, even though the venue was beautiful.


Our messy hotel room.

After 3 hours of plastering makeup onto our faces and wiggling into our costumes (it takes me 20 minutes to get into Homura’s seamless legging/boots, no joke), we had to deal with another hour of costume malfunctions. Fun times.

5 PM and we’re finally out!

 Anime Matsuri 2013 Artist's Alley

Wow, look at the Artist’s Alley. Lots of talented folks there.

 Madoka Magica cosplay at Anime Matsuri 2013

Our sweet photographer decided to snap photos of us while we were standing around, waiting for our con badges. All our photos from this event are taken by her, btw.

As soon as we got our badges, we were so excited to explore the con. But we actually didn’t do much exploring. Got sidetracked by all the cute cosplayers!

Amazing Link cosplayer!

Link! Omg, we were all fangirling.

This is the same link cosplayer that we saw at Oni-con. Hehe, she’s such a good looking Link cosplayer—our friend actually thought this was a boy and was crushing big time. Awkward, lol. It’s an undisputed rule in cosplay: good looking boys are actually cosplayed by girls.

Moemura and Madoka cosplayers!

And look, we found another Madoka! Moemura pimping, yeah!

I didn’t realize it at the time, but this is actually TabbyCatMittens. O_O She does amazing cosplay. Kitty and I both LOVE her Aladdin cosplay. She’s so cute.

Aurum Cosplay at Anime Matsuri 2013!

Oh, and then we decided to pose by the Anime Matsuri photo backdrop. Practicing our poses!

 Aurum Cosplay with a super cute Pikachu cosplayer

Ahhh, a super cute maid Pikachu! <3 Love it. If only we had brought our Plusle and Minun costumes.

Anyways, Friday was uneventful for us. We ended up eating and bumming in our room. After that, we passed out. We didn’t even go to any of the events at night. We’re weak.


Saturday was jam packed! We got up bright and early to shoot some videos with MLZ Studios. He’s an awesome videographer, we’re so happy we got to shoot with him.

Rose and Kitty as cosplaying as Homura and Madoka, walking through the street

On our way to the shoot.

Aurum Cosplay with MLZ Studios

Trying to look bad ass, hohoho.

Oh, and here we are in the compilation videos he made (damn, he’s fast). There are some amazing cosplays in this video, so go watch it and subscribe to MLZ’s YouTube channel! His videos are all beautiful and it’s clear that he’s very skilled. Not only was he able to direct us n00bs, but all his shots are very clean—that’s amazing considering how many people were at the con.

After that, we ran to our judging appointment. Argh, Yaya Han had to leave for her event right before we were supposed to talk to her. We literally saw her leave the room. ;_; So sad, wanted to speak to her; lady’s a legend in this industry.

Anyways, after that, we had some down time to practice our poses before the competition. We ended up losing track of time and had to race through the halls to make it—they told us to be there at 3:30 or we’d be deleted from the contestant list! O_o

We barely made it. *pant pant*

Anime Matsuri cosplay competition waiting room

Oh, and check out this tiny room we were squished in. T_T Hot, hot, hot. I really felt bad for some of the cosplayers—there was this Sephiroth who was suffocating in his vinyl costume. And another lady who had giant wings to hold up.

Aurum Cosplay and Access Cosplay at AM 2013

Access Cosplay! She’s so sweet. ^_^

After an hour (or what seemed like forever), we were ushered out of the room into a narrow hallway. Yay! Almost time to go on stage…or so we thought.

We actually waited in that hallway for over 1.5 hrs. The cosplay contest was supposed to start at 5PM and by 6PM we were all like, wtf, why is this taking so long? Ihavetopeeeee. There was no explanation from the staff at all, which we all thought was terribly inconsiderate. Let us know why there’s a delay, Anime Matsuri…

Anyways, during the wait, Kitty’s arrow snapped. And I mean, completely. But luckily, Benihime saved us with her stash of super glue and body tape! We are so, so grateful to her. If not for her, we wouldn’t have been able to do our best pose (our opinion).

On stage as Madoka and Homura during the cosplay contest at Anime Matsuri 2013

Yeah, this is the pose I’m talking about.

Thank you again, Benihime! Check out her cosplay btw, it’s awesome. Go like her FB page, go!

Shinrajunkie as Draven!

ShinraJunkie! Amazing! Lol, so excited I got to touch his blades later.

 Benihime cosplaying as Hana.

Benihime! Her performance was gorgeous.

 Pokemen at Anime Matsuri 2013.

PokeMen? Buff dudes in all the evolutionary forms of Eevee, lol.

Access Cosplay at AM 2013

Access Cosplay! Go Aerith, kill Sephiroth! Revenge!

Then there was a loooong wait. In which the judges deliberated, and deliberated. The poor hosts had to think up jokes to entertain us, and the crowd was getting pretty antsy. Most people left, actually.

Waveya dancing during the intermission at Anime Matsuri's cosplay contest.

Waveya as magical girls!

When the hosts failed to entertain us, they sent out Waveya, the Korean dance group known for sexy dancing. They dressed as magical girls too, yay! Sailor Moon! <3

And finallllly! The judges started handing out awards.

Kitty and I were both so psyched…and a little freaked out. The competition was the toughest we’d ever been in, and there were so many awesome cosplayers. We really didn’t think we’d get anything this time so we settled back to enjoy the rest of the competition. Wanted to see if anyone we had talked to had won.

But! As soon as they called “Aurum Cosplay”, we both jumped out of our seats. Really?! Yes, our month of hard work paid off!

Yaya Han and Aurum Cosplay at Anime Matsuri! Third place, yay!

Yaya Han presenting us with our trophy! ^_^

Yay! We did get to talk to Yaya Han after all (for 1 second, lol) and oogle her beauty up close. We won third in the Intermediate division btw.

So many other people won too.

Access Cosplay won an award in the Novice division.

TabbyCatMittens and Benihime both pulled ahead of us in the intermediate division, winning 1st and 2nd respectively. Well deserved. They had impeccable stage presence and craftsmanship.

Proudly displaying the trophy we won at Anime Matsuri.

In our hotel, celebrating! Another trophy for our collection, yay!

So far, 3 for 3. Yup, our goal is to win an award for each costume we make. Hopefully we can keep doing our best. We’re both so excited for our next cosplay at A-kon but we’re keeping it under wraps for now.


And our lovely photographer! Pretty!

Our photographer for this event is a friend of ours who followed us throughout the whole event. She’ll have her Facebook page up soon, so check back. Until then, if anyone wants to do a shoot with her, just let us know. CLWPhotography is her Facebook page, go like her now! =)

Overall, Anime Matsuri had a lot of delays and issues with scheduling, but it was a lot of fun. We made so many new cosplay friends!

Time to tackle our next cosplay. >_<