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For Anime Matsuri, we decided to team up with Atelier Heidi again for the cosplay contest. Anime Matsuri typically enlists high caliber judges who have extensive knowledge of sewing and prop work. We really wanted to impress Catherine from GSTQ Fashions and Bill Winans of Angry Dog Studios.

We thought something from Evangelion would be both worthy and challenge our crafting skills. Heidi and I picked the plugsuit versions of Rei and Asuka while Kitty decided to dress as school girl Mari. =)

Here is the result of our work!

Rei and Asuka are not amused

We are not amused.

This costume was challenging for me on so many levels. I’ve been sewing for about a year and I’m still a newbie. I had to make and remake every piece of this costume at least twice before it even looked okay. ;_; My sewing machine died on me because it lost in a fight with the 4-way stretch vinyl and I literally did not sleep for a week trying to finish everything. (My kidneys are still recovering from the abuse of constant coffee. >_<) I even lugged my sewing machine to the hotel room to finish and rework some pieces of the costume to my satisfaction. Slaved right up until our judging time slot.

In short, sewing this costume was a nightmare. But I’m a masochist and somehow still enjoyed it; I learned a lot!

I am especially thankful to Heidi who answered my stupid sewing questions. She also sculpted and cast our sewing shoulder pieces from resin and spammed me photos of her progress for reference so I could model my suit after hers for consistency. We wanted everything to match did our best despite the distance. She really put in a lot of brainpower to prototype our plugsuits…so grateful for that because I was lost and bewildered. O_o;

Lance of Longinus prop!

Meanwhile, I constructed a Lance of Longinus to complement our costumes. It’s made from wood and paper clay. It’s 11 ft tall, but I’ve installed screws to break it down for transportation.

The cosplay contest at Anime Matsuri had some really amazing contestants. We didn’t expect to do well at all…just looking around the room we saw many examples of excellent work.



I don’t have many photos of other contestants because we were too busy freaking out about our sucky stage presence.


Practicing our poses.

Kitty was our gracious handler! She helped us so much. We can’t even wiggle into these suits properly without her help. She also took a lot of photos to document our contest experience, which explains why there are no photos of her as school girl Mari. ;_; But I assure you she looked really pretty and cute!

I was so tired that I almost didn’t make it through the contest, lol. However, I had the shock of my life when I saw Reika walk up behind us while we were waiting in line for the stage. We were nearly the last entry to walk on and she was supposed to feature after all the contestants. Omg, omg, I freaked out a little inside because I am so, so gay for that woman. <3 Gawd, I didn’t even care about the contest anymore, just that I was in the same space with Reika and possibly breathing in some of the carbon dioxide she had been exhaling. *fangirl mode*

If I made any mistakes on stage, it’s because I was still fantasizing about Reika. I just wanted to sleep but Heidi convinced me to stay for the entire duration after we walked on. I’m glad I did, because we ended up doing much better than expected.

Winning at Anime Matsuri!

We won first in our division, yay! Clap clap.

A lot of our friends placed as well. Shinrajunkie and TabbyCatMittens won best in show! They were amazing!

I can’t really comment on any of the other events at Anime Matsuri because I didn’t attend any. We did, however, manage to bump into some photographers who were gracious enough to shoot with us!


ACCosplay—our new photographer friend. =)


Shooting with Mineralblu Photography And Mineralblu Photography!

Rei and Asuka being cuddly.

Rei x Asuka. Trying out different poses,  yay.


 And meanwhile, ProJared being inappropriate with my prop…


Real T Dragon invited us to be in his video, lol.


Omg, we bumped into one of the judges, Bill Winans. He was so incredibly sweet and complimented us on our costumes again. Yay, winning his approval means more than any award, hehe.

I really don’t have too much to say about the con itself because I locked myself in our room to work on cosplay this time, but I still had a rewarding experience. =)

Until next time, bye bye.


<3 Rose