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A-Kon still brings back fond memories for us! Two years ago, our first A-kon opened our eyes to cosplay. Poof, it was like a whole different world existed, filled with nerdy anime and manga fans like us—where were these people growing up?

Anyways, of course we had to revisit the con that popped our cosplay cherries. But I think I was more excited about visiting Kitty than going to the actual con. We hadn’t seen each other since Anime Matsuri, and all we wanted to do was laze about and chat with each other.

So Friday came, and both of us wanted to bum around. We’re actually pretty lazy in real life and don’t feel like dolling ourselves up in costumes most of the time. Plus, we were both glued to our 3DS games.


Nope to A-kon. Yes to Fire Emblem and Tomodachi Life.

Skipped A-kon that day just to lounge around and be useless. NO REGRETS! =D

Saturday rolls around and this time we’re pumped! We’ve been really excited about a project we have underway; basically we’d like to try cosplay photography. ^_^ It only made sense for us to venture onto this path! Modeling is stressful! Snapping photos and editing them? That’s super fun! I take some type of perverse joy in saving photos with bad lighting and photoshopping out makeup caked pores. Muhahaha!

Anyways, we arrived at the convention in normal clothing and had a few appointments set up with some cosplay friends who were kind enough to let us experiment on them. (Lol, if we sucked, that would be the end of that…because we have no effing clue. Click and pray! Click and pray!)


Here’s Kitty with GlitzyGeekGirl! She was our first subject, hehe. We did a photography session with her and she was sweet and patient as we fumbled around with our cameras. She’s cosplaying Sailor Ariel—basically a mash up of Disney and Sailor Moon, very cute and original!


And here’s the rest of her Disney-Sailor Scout group!


Pocahontas and Meeko! So cute.

After that, we met with the talented Alycen from KiraKira Cosplay! We’d been stalking her Gaige progress on Instagram/Facebook and were delighted when she responded affirmatively to our request.


Sneak preview of her photos! Why is she so cool? <3

Then we walked around a bit and managed to snap a few photos  on our way back to the car.




We didn’t get a hotel this time because neither of us were sure that we’d attend A-kon due to some other events in our lives. Glad we made it, but changing into our costumes in the bathroom after photographing our friends was a huge ordeal. Schlepping our costumes from the car a mile away in the hot sun, omg, yeah now I remember why we shell out hundreds of dollars for a hotel each year. But it was too late to book this year when we confirmed we were going.

Finally managed to get into our costumes (Yuna and Rikku) but were totally drained/sweaty/dying of dehydration. So we went to the overpriced food court with crappy food and I paid $2 dollars for a bottle of water, wtf, $2 for water! At least I got good use out of the plastic bottle by refilling it numerous times to quench my thirst.

As expected, after only 20 minutes in our costumes, we came to a consensus:

Kitty: I’m not really in the mood to cosplay.

Rose: Yeah, I stink. Hungry hungry hungry. I’m not spending $4 for plain rice here.

Kitty: Do you..?

Rose: Wanna get out of here?

Yeah, so we left because we’re wimpy and have no cosplay endurance. ;_;

And with that, I’ll leave you with the one photo of us we have from Akon! Enjoy sweaty/grumpy/exhausted/hungry/thirsty Yuna and Rikku!


Poop. >_< (So getting a hotel next year if we go.)