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As usual, we never have time to sit down and put out as many tutorials as we intend to. Madoka Magica is still so popular–here’s the 2nd half of my Homura cosplay tutorial which explains how I made her prop. Sorry, better late than never?

This was a great learning experience for me even though I was pulling out my hair trying to figure out how to make Homura’s shield look accurate given the time I had—I definitely thought about decorating a Frisbee but I didn’t think that would score points with the judges, lol. And no Homura cosplay is complete without her prop! The Madoka Magica storyline would not have been possible without Homura’s shield! <3

Let’s take a look!



A list of helpful materials:

  • Wood
  • Wood putty
  • Jigsaw
  • Sander
  • Sandpaper: 80, 120, 220, 360, 500 grit
  • Paper clay
  • Old clock
  • Resin
  • Paint palette
  • Spray paint
  • Optional: LED lights, wires, soldering iron or electrical tape, 9V battery
  • Industrial strength Velcro (if you want to copy ghetto way I rigged it to my arm)

Homura Shield Tutorial

1. I cut out the middle section of a painting palette. This will eventually turn into the middle part of Homura’s shield.

2. Next, I used a jigsaw and cut out a circular disc and a ring. The disc is the base of her shield and the ring is the border. Here’s the result after hours of sanding. Start with a low grit and work your way up.

3. Then I carefully fitted the ring and the disc together and glued it securely with wood glue. There are gaps, but just fill these in with wood putty.

4. Using plenty of paper clay, I molded the design of her shield and sanded each layer carefully. Any cracks were filled with more paper clay and sanded again…and again. Be prepared to waste many hours of your life on this.

5. I took apart an old clock and painted some gears with gold paint.

6. Later, I painted them again to emulate a rusted and aged look.

Homura Shield Tutorial

7. I found some round rings which I made molds out of. I used clear resin to cast them. And I also experimented with numerous different gem colors in the red to purple range until I found the exact shade that I liked.  Keep in mind that if you have strong LED lights, your gems will look more transparent.

8. Sprayed the resin rings with silver chrome paint.

9. I used Rust-Oleum Ultra Cover 2x Primer. Next, I sprayed my shield with Kyrlon’s Satin Nickel. Almost done!

10. I glued on my gears under the piece I cut from a paint palette earlier (step 1). Also, I purchased LED lights, wires, and batteries to light up my shield. Ta-da!

I may have skipped a few steps here and there in my Homura shield tutorial without realizing it—most of it was the boring stuff like sanding. If there’s anything that’s unclear, feel free to comment.

Now I just need to watch the 3rd Madoka Magica movie when I have time. ^_^

<3 Rose