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I’ve always preferred a nice rainy day over a blinding sunny day. I just love that cozy feeling you get when it’s raining outside. It makes you want to curl up in a blanket and read a good book (in my case, I’d rather be reading a good manga). I really don’t like being outside in the rain, but it does give you the excuse to wear cute rain boots. The other day we had one of those days. When I showed up at Rose’s place, we were both wearing our cutest rain boots. I guess we just think alike.

Rose and Kitty's Cute Rain Boots

Usually the first thing that Rose and I do together when we hang out is eat. What can I say? We both really love food. We both got something warm since it was so chilly outside that day.

Rose from Aurum Cosplay Eating a Dumpling

Kitty from Aurum Cosplay Laughing While Eating

After we finished stuffing our faces, Rose took me to a great local Asian market near us. She wanted to show me where I can get my favorite face masks, and other cute makeup and toiletries. Believe it or not, they ACTUALLY carried Dolly Wink brand false lashes! That has to be my favorite brand of falsies; they’re just so darn cute and really well made. I ended up buying some Dolly Wink lash glue. But that’s beside the point. The market had the best selection of My Beauty Diary face masks. They had every single kind that exists. I was so excited to find this treasure. If you’ve never done a face mask, I highly recommend trying one. It’s basically a face-sized piece of cotton padding (with mouth, nose, and eye holes cut out) soaked in pure magic. Not really, but that sounds good right? You just let it sit on your face for 20-30 minutes, and then you’ll have baby-soft skin. Each different type has its own varying ingredients. You just have to find the type that’s right for you. I currently own Aloe and Cherry Blossom and they’re both really great–my skin feels silky smooth every time I use them. I’ll do a review on these in the future! <3

Face Mask

After we finished up shopping we went to one of our favorite cafe’s in the area. We go there pretty often. They have a pretty big selection of drinks (cold & hot) and lots of different desserts!

Aurum Cosplay Girls at a Cafe

We both ordered green tea lattes and settled in to eat our snacks and get out of the rain for a while. I tried macaroons for the first time! I’ve always thought they were really cute so I knew I would end up eating them someday. Honestly, I can say I didn’t like them as much as I had hoped to. They had a nice texture, but the flavor was just sorta weird. I also got a yummy peach mousse too! That was really tasty. Rose got a sweet looking cake–I’m pretty sure it was vanilla. I’m sure it was delicious.

Cute Colored Macaroons

Kitty's Yummy Dessert

Rose's Cake

Before we left, we took a few more photos inside and outside while playing in the rain. It was cold, but we had so much fun taking pictures with my HK umbrella. We took turns posing for each other.

Rose from Aurum Cosplay Sitting in the Cafe

Kitty in the Rain with an Umbrella

Kitty and Rose from Aurum Cosplay Together

We drove back to Rose’s place and started discussing our next-next cosplay ideas. (Is that weird to say? We want to be prepared for Akon far in advance!) We finally decided on a great pair and we’ll let everyone know what that will be when the time is right. We’re still up to our elbows in Madoka cosplay, so we need to get that knocked out first. We were so excited about the new cosplay and quickly started sketching out ideas. I ended up staying at her apartment until like 2am! Even then I went home, took a shower, and stayed up on the computer until about 6am. Needless to say, I slept away the entire next day.

I just love those days with Rose when I can feel both of our excitement about this passion that we both share. Nothing in the world can replace that.