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Argh, super late con review! >_< After A-Kon, neither of us could even gather the energy to look through photos or even think about cosplay. Honestly, we are all cosplayed out for now. X_x

A-Kon 24—it felt like we waited forever for this convention. A-Kon holds a lot of special memories for us, because that was the first convention Kitty and I attended. Popped our con cherries last year, haha.

A-kon has grown to be a monster of a convention—it’s the con you have to attend because everyone and their mothers are going (and I say this literally, because a lot of the kids need chaperones).

A-kon 2013 Dallas

Proof! Super cute Japanese kids in yukatas! <3

Anyways, the venue this year was amazing. They moved the A-kon to the Hilton Anatole, which is huge and roomy. Despite the amount of people there, no longer did we have to suffer being trapped in a crowd as someone…farts. <– That happened A LOT last year, lol.


Oh, and there was this huge amoeba-like structure suspended from the ceiling. It moved slowly and was mesmerizing!

Female Cloud and Squall

This year, we went as Dissidia versions of Cloud and Squall. Once again, we made every piece in our costumes, even the props. It was so stressful trying to complete everything on time but we were determined!


Kitty is so in love with Cloud and Squall stole my teenage years. We planned a crossplay, but quickly realized we couldn’t pull it off. Cloud is buff, Squall is buff. It was going to look ridiculous and we would be defiling the beauty of our pixelated crushes…

Genderbend, okay!

Cloud and Squall Cosplay

And we still get the ladies. >:)

We saw a lot of great cosplay, but unfortunately we were only able to capture a few pictures.


Neat! =) I’m impressed by how mobile people are in large costumes.

A-kon 24 Kisame Coslayer!

Best Kisame I’ve ever seen. Wish I had a better picture of his Samehada blade.

Samus Cosplay at A-kon 23

Samus! Rifle lights up and glows!


We hung out with Myhackrifice and his lovely wife.

Many thanks to Myhackrifice and his wife for featuring us in his video. We had a lot of fun with with them. ^_^

Check out his work on his YouTube channel!

A-kon 2013 Cosplay

Ah, look who we bumped into. Terrifying combo. >_<


Time to slay evil!

Friday night, we decided to check out cosplay speed dating! And when we got there, the girls’ line was super short while the boys’ line stretched across the entire hallway, lol! But we couldn’t make it in because they were at full capacity. Too bad, it sounded like a lot of fun and we really wanted to try speed dating in character.

Potential dates: Cloud, Squall, tell us about yourselves.

Cloud: I like big swords.

Squall: …Whatever. … … …*silence*

Speed dating attempt, failed!

So we headed over to the cosplay drag show instead. =) We watched an amazing performance! It was an honor to chat with the drag queens afterwards. One of the performers gave us a lot of advice on how to be confident on stage—she’s so inspiring!

Saturday we bumped into MLZ Studios while searching for one of our other friends. He was nice enough to do a quick impromptu shoot with us. =)

We had a lot of difficulty doing the poses he picked for us, but we were finally able to get a clean shot after a few attempts.


Not paying attention at all.


Oops, not in sync.



Aurum Cosplay with MLZ Studios

Thank you for being so patient with us! =)

It was SO hot outside, lol. Kitty and I were both sweating bullets after the shoot, but it was worth it because MLZ Studios is a great videographer.


Fixing up after suffering from Houston weather.

After that, we vowed never to step outside for the rest of the convention. Note to self: Vinyl + Houston Humidity = Heatstroke.

While we were signing up for the cosplay contest, we bumped into Atelier Heidi who was in her gorgeously crafted Rorona costume. Why do I not have a picture of this?! >_< Anyways, you’ll just have to trust me that it was a perfectly crafted costume—she won an award for it!

Aurum Cosplay and Evil Pastry Studios

And we were reunited with our friend Ryn from Evil Pastry Studios. =)

The cosplay contest went smoothly, almost too smoothly. We had CHAIRS to sit in while we waited. And snacks! The contest started and ended exactly on time—for real? O_O Good job, A-kon!

We didn’t win anything, but it was honestly the most enjoyable contest we’ve participated in, purely because of how well executed it was!

So surreal that it’s been a year since we first got sucked into cosplay. A-kon will always be magical for us! I think we’ve come a long way with our crafting skills. Honestly, a year ago, neither of us knew how to sew or even how to work the most basic power tools. We still have tons of room for improvement but we’re both excited to learn new techniques and level up, lol.

Time to rest and recover. We’ll have a gallery for Cloud and Squall up soon, so check back later. =)