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Rose and Kitty.

(Cos)Playing with each other since 2012.


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Anime USA 2014 | Review | AUSA Con Report

Posted on Oct 29 by

Lots of things exciting things have been happening lately! Kitty and I have both been really busy making some life changes. It might be the last time we cosplay for a while—life...


Otakon 2014: Otakon Convention Review!

Posted on Aug 13 by

Yay, I’m back from Otakon! It was really fun! Cinnabunny kept telling me that it was huge and she wasn’t lying. O_O Soooo many people. It was like the largest gathering of...


A-kon 25 Review!

Posted on Jun 14 by

A-Kon still brings back fond memories for us! Two years ago, our first A-kon opened our eyes to cosplay. Poof, it was like a whole different world existed, filled with nerdy anime...